To study geography properly, pupils need to get out of the classroom and explore the environment around them by applying the skills they have been taught in class. At ESP Play, we have designed our range of outdoor geography resources with this in mind.

Our four outdoor geography activity boards give teachers the potential to deliver some exciting and highly challenging lessons that incorporate both active and cooperative learning styles.

Our UK map gives pupils the opportunity to identify the countries, counties and cities in the British Isles, as well as discovering the oceans and seas which surround it. The world map goes further, helping to develop and understanding of longitude and latitude, coordinates, continents and weather patterns.

Offering even greater challenge are the orienteering and cartography boards. Our orienteering board enables pupils to put their learning into practice by getting them to create maps, use coordinates and undertake navigation – ideal for treasure hunts or for orienteering the school grounds. Likewise, our cartography board can be used to map the school grounds or local area, identify key local geographical features, plot coordinates and give directional instructions.

Teachers can use these boards in a wide range of exciting outdoor geography activities which can be differentiated for students from both primary and secondary ages.

As part of our Switch range, all these boards are interchangeable and can be taken down and stored when not in use.

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