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At ESP PLAY, we believe that children deserve the best school playground equipment. That’s why we design, manufacture and install outdoor play equipment that transforms dull school yards into vibrant spaces for enjoyment and learning. We cater for young people of all ages and needs, manufacturing age-appropriate, inclusive school playground equipment for Early Years, primary, secondary and SEND pupils.

Play Equipment for All Purposes

No matter what plans you have for your school playground equipment, we can help you achieve them. Bring excitement to break times with play towers, climbing frames, trim trails and outdoor games; provide calm and a sense of wonder in a nature garden; open up minds with creative and role play equipment; expand PE provision with MUGAs, gyms and multi-courts; and create outdoor classrooms equipped for all areas of the curriculum. The playground equipment we provide also extends to playground surfacing and playground markings. Whether you want a natural looking resin-bound gravel, sports standard artificial grass, wetpour, bonded rubber mulch or any other surface, we can supply and install that too.

Frequently Asked Questions

As each product is separately priced, the cost of school playground equipment depends upon the type of product you are buying; a mud kitchen, for example, would be far less expensive than a top-specification, Free-Flow climbing frame. Another factor is the size of a product – it would be less costly to resurface a small playground than a large one. Overall, products can range from just a few pounds to several thousand pounds depending upon the package you choose.

There’s an incredible range of educational playground equipment now available for a wide variety of purposes and catering for the entire, Early Years to secondary age group. Products essentially fall into four main categories: outdoor play equipment, outdoor sports equipment, outdoor curriculum equipment and general-purpose equipment (the latter including playground surfaces, outdoor seating and tables, shelters, etc.)

For a full overview of all our products visit our Products page.

This is a common question and one that is not easy to answer. What’s best for one school is not always the best for another. The solution depends on several factors, such as the outcomes you want to achieve, the budget you have to spend, the space you have available and the ages, abilities and interests of your pupils.

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, chat to us online or visit our Contact Us page. One of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

There are several ways to fund your playground development, though some of these may be dependent on the type of equipment you want to install and the purpose for which you will use it. Many schools use in-house funding, often from the PTA, school-based fundraising activities and (for allowable items) the School Sport Premium.

In addition, there are a variety of external funding sources that you can apply for and we are happy to point you in their direction if you need help to find them.

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