Interchangeable Trim Trails

Exclusive to ESP Play, our Switch Infinity Interchangeable Trim Trails are designed to give real flexibility in how you lay out your playground equipment. Using interchangeable components, you can easily change the course of the trail and make individual sections more or less challenging.

Providing children with new course layouts is a great way to keep them engaged as they see each layout as a new challenge. And because you can make that challenge easier or more difficult, you can repurpose the Trim Trail to meet the needs of children of different ages or abilities whenever you need to.

Our library of interchangeable playground climbing ropes makes it so easy to make changes that it’s possible to have a different course every day.

ESP Play’s Switch Infinity Trim Trails can be used both during playtime and as part of your PE lessons. They are designed to help students develop strength, resilience and a host of physical skills whilst keeping them active outdoors.

Our traditional range features all the old favourites that children love to play on, and we’ve even got simplified and advanced versions of each product if you are catering for specific ages and abilities.

For healthy schools, our unique Switch Infinity Interchangeable Trim Trails are a great way to keep the challenge changing and your pupils active.

Interchangeable Trim Trails - Frames

Interchangeable Trim Trails - Simplified Ropes

Interchangeable Trim Trails - Intermediate Ropes

Interchangeable Trim Trails - Advanced Ropes

Interchangeable Trim Trails - Packages