Outdoor Curriculum

Our range of resources will enhance children’s enjoyment whilst increasing participation and engagement in your outdoor learning activities. Whether working individually, in pairs or small groups, our equipment will help pupils work independently and collaboratively by turning your school grounds into a stimulating learning environment and because we understand that different subjects require different outdoor education resources, we’ve got equipment for every curriculum area: art and design, design and technology, English, geography, history, maths, MFL, music, PE and science. We’ve even got cross-curricular resources.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor xylophone for music, a weaving board for textiles, a discovery planter for science or a tangram table for maths, you’ll find these and a whole lot more in our outdoor curriculum section. Created specifically for use outside, our outdoor learning resources are designed to last the test of time and handle the rough and tumble of everyday use. They’ll keep your students engaged year after year.

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Art And Design

• Mark Making • Sketching • Painting • Drawing • Patterns  • Texture • Form and Shape •

Design and Technology

• Technical Drawing • Idea Generation • Mechanics  • Evaluation • Materials • Nutrition • Systems•


• Location Knowledge • Place Knowledge • Human Geography  • Physical Geography • Fieldwork •

Physical Education

• Movement Styles • Dance • Agility • Interaction • Creativity •


• Voice • Singing • Melody • Rhythm • Composition  • Volume • Dynamics • Pitch •