Our sports marking products are designed to turn hard-surfaced, school playgrounds into safe, long-lasting sports pitches and courts. They provide the necessary resources for delivering the PE curriculum and give pupils the ability to play traditional sports during break times.

Our current range of marking includes basketball, cricket football, futsal (a form of 5-a-side football), netball, rounders and tennis. For the many schools that have limited playground space, we also provide a multi-court option, available in different sizes, that incorporates futsal, netball and basketball in one area.

Many of our markings come with a range of options to suit the needs of individual schools. Our netball court marking is available in three colours; football playground marking can be supplied for traditional football or 5- a-side futsal; our cricket and cricket wall markings come in different sizes for primary and secondary schools; and our tennis court markings can be for full-sized courts or for mini tennis.

Our playground markings are made using high-quality thermoplastic. This ensures that despite the heavy usage playgrounds get, your pitches and courts will be durable and long lasting. They come with a long guarantee so you can be sure your product will remain in good condition for years to come.

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