Storage Solutions

If you are using ESP Play products in your school playground, especially our interchangeable range of educational panels and ropes, then our selection of storage solutions will provide you with the ideal place to keep them safe and out of the pupils’ way when they are not being used.

Our outdoor storage solutions give you a convenient place to store your playground equipment – in the playground itself, making it easy to retrieve, interchange and pack away your outdoor teaching resources at the start and end of lessons. This easy access will cut down how long it takes to set up and tidy away, giving teachers much more time during lessons to focus on learning activities.

We have two styles of storage solution: our green storage containers which come in three different sizes. These are large containers offering lots of space to store your equipment, the largest being 2.1m x 4m in size. For a more traditional and child-friendly look, we also have a storage shed with pitched roof and windows. This features double doors for easy storage of larger, bulky items.

Designed specifically for schools, our playground storage solutions are robust, secure and long lasting. And, of course, like all ESP Play products, they are made from safe materials.

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