Climbing Walls & Handgrips

Our climbing walls for schools are great for building upper body strength and traversing skills. We have a range of traversing walls and handgrips to suit different settings including schools, community parks, holiday parks and much more.
For existing walls we may install handgrips, including standard or ‘alphabet’ handgrips. Without an existing wall we can install different sized timber walls set at heights according to the age range.

If you’ve got an unused outside or indoor wall then why not put it to good use by installing a traversing wall from our range of climbing walls for schools. School traversing walls have become increasingly popular and especially within the UK. This is essentially due to do the benefits climbing has to offer combined with the low risk involved. Climbing teaches good body movement and sharpens sequential problem solving skills whilst promoting the development and use of good judgement. It also makes exercising fun and helps develop strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

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