Encouraging creativity, group play and co-operation, ESP provide a range of outdoor music instruments designed for children to play music outdoors all year round. The variation of outdoor music instruments provides a complete musical platform for performing group pieces and childrenĀ  are able to write their own parts.
Using an outdoor play area encourages children to use their creativity at play times, while the teacher can also decide to take lessons outdoors. The musical playground equipment in schools of which we have already installed has proven very popular and all say they would recommend it to others. We are now confident that with our percussion, bass and melody products, the children are able to play full compositions based around either set pieces or creations of their own.

Inspiring creativity amongst children will forever be important. Music is perfect for boosting confidence amongst quiet children whilst also providing louder children with an outlet for making noise! Music relaxes the mind and soul and the one thing that people from all walks of life nearly always have in common is a love for some form of music. With childhood being the perfect age for learning, the ones who already enjoy listening to music will often surprise you with their musical abilities. This can only be a positive thing so further encouragement should be employed. Our new range of musical playground equipment provide teachers with great tools to aid this encouragement.

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