At ESP Play we offer a range of resources for outdoor Modern Foreign Language activities that can be used for whole class, group and individual work.

For younger children and for those with special needs, we have a two-seater language writing tabletop specially adapted to help children practice their MFL writing skills. It comes with line guides for less able writers and has space for teachers to write words they want the children to include in their work. There’s even a flag to colour in.

For whole class and small group activities, we have a selection of outdoor activity boards that focus on basic MFL skills such as alphabet pronunciation, counting, number challenges and colours.

More advanced learning can be achieved using our What Country Is It? and musical language boards. The former combines language skills with geography to help students develop a wider understanding of the country whose language they are studying, whilst the latter helps students develop a cultural understanding by helping them learn songs in a foreign language.

In addition, we also provide a mood board which enables students to work together to learn the vocabulary for a range of emotions.

As part of our Switch range, all these boards are interchangeable and can be taken down and stored when not in use.

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