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ESP are a specialist playground equipment manufacturer, playground designer and playground equipment installer.  We have established a fantastic reputation within education nationally, by recognising and utilising the school playground as a context to deliver 'real' improvements that contribute to raising standards in schools. Independent research, conducted by leading Universities, confirms the positive impact of  ESP's approach to the development of school playgrounds. ESP are very passionate about working in partnership with schools to help raise standards and make young people more physically active, confident, healthy and determined to achieve.
Our Concept is Tried, Tested and Proven...

As a specialist school playground equipment manufacturer, outdoor play equipment supplier and installer, we have developed thousands of schools throughout the UK. The team have gathered years of experience, ideas and examples of best practice. All of our playground equipment is manufactured at our head office in Burnley and installed nationwide.

Our unique approach to the use of playground equipment in schools has been subject to independent research from leading universities.  Leeds Metropolitan, Liverpool John Moores and Roehampton University were commissioned to evaluate the sustainable impact of the ESP concept.

The NHS to date, have invested in excess of £5m on using unique ESP interventions proven to get children and young people more physically active of a daily basis.  This high quality approach evidences significant improvements in the daily participation in high quality physical activity.  ESP fly the flag for the positive impact participation in daily high quality physical activity has on learning and long term health.



Independent research confirms your school will benefit from the following if you work in partnership with ESP:

Increased physical activity levels of every child in your school playground
Improve physical literacy and fundamental movement skills
Increase the confidence of individuals
Improved attention within the classroom environment and improved attitudes towards learning

It's not just the playground equipment that delivers all this improvement.  The vital ingredient to the success and positive impact is due to the suite of nationally accredited professional learning modules that support teachers in the use of the playground equipment. The core focus is sustainability, and they ensure that the knowledge, understanding and application of the concept is delivered to the highest possible standards, which delivers positive impact across the whole school.

A free playground design, site survey and playground consultation is available from ESP to assist schools in the planning, improvement goals and success of your project.