Providing children with spaces to expend energy, preventing stress and anxiety.

All children desire and require good quality playtime in order to develop and stay healthy. With over 770,000 children with SEN throughout the UK, many don't have access to the correct outdoor environment. By providing children with a place to play, schools are actively encouraging children to develop and grow, while allowing them to have fun. Schools will witness improvements in vestibular and proprioceptive development alongside behavioural changes.

This range of playground equipment not only allows the children to participate in high quality physical activity, but also encourages them to learn while they play. A well-designed play area helps promote physical activity, excitement, social skills and behavioural changes, while promoting multi-sensory engagement and positive behaviour.

Explore our Exciting Range of SEN School Playground Equipment

Wild Wood

Inspirational natural play spaces.


Freeflow modular climbing frames


Exciting School Wooden Climbing Frames with Ropes

Challenging Climbing Frames

Play Towers

Playtowers for school play areas with all age ranges and budgets catered for.

Traditional Climbing Frames


Famous 5 Playground Markings for Multi-skills play and training

5 Markings, Unlimited Movement

Playground Markings

Playground Markings for Schools, sports clubs and play areas.

Lively fun, games and Multi-skills.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment and Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA's) for competitive play in schools

Competitive play areas & equipment

Outdoor Game Boards

Wall Boards and Tabletop Games for fun playtime activities.

Wall Boards and Tabletop Games


Imaginative playground equipment products for school play areas with role-play, experimentation and creative expression at heart.

Role-play & creative expression.

Outdoor Music

Musical play equipment instruments for schools and play areas.

Instruments for musical play.

Playground Shelters

Outdoor classrooms and shelters for teaching and quiet chill-out play areas in schools.

Outdoor classrooms & chill-out spots.

Playground Flooring

Recreational and Safety Surfaces for playground spaces to add peace of mind and year-round access.

Recreational and Safety Surfaces.

CPD Training

Nationally Accredited Multi-skills CPD Training for Staff and Pupils

Accredited Teacher & Pupil Training


Let us help you look after your school play equipment with one of our comprehensive playground maintenance packages.

Care for your play equipment.

Climbing Equipment

Playground climbing frames, equipment, and structures to provide a range of physical challenges within school play areas.

Physical challenges for all ages.

Water Play

Water and sand play equipment for school play areas.

Experiment with Water and Sand

Seating and Furniture

Seating and outdoor furniture for schools and play areas.

Tables, seats and more...

Nature and Garden

Playground equipment to allow children to explore the natural world during school lessons or break times.

Explore the natural world.

Curriculum Play Panels

Switch Educational Play Panels

Interchangeable Educational Panels

Trim Trails

Trim Trail playground climbing equipment for schools and play areas.

Trim Trails for all ages and abilities.

Sandpits and Digging

Messy and creative digging playground equipment for school play areas

Messy, creative play areas.


Stages and Decking areas for performance, drama and creative expression within school play areas.

Performance and creative expression