A Rich and Varied Environment Supports Children's Learning and Development

We offer a free playground design and consultation service to support you with your development.

We know that a rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development. It gives them the confidence to explore and learn in secure and safe, yet challenging outdoor space. Our approach to the design of your early years outdoor play space will ensure we integrate opportunities for your children to experience the seven areas of learning and offer a true relationship with the indoor classroom.

Our team of fully trained playground designers will produce a completely free design of your early years outdoor play space and present a series of recommendations on how to create the perfect learning environment. ESP provide a range of early years outdoor play equipment to assist with child development and to allow them to explore their physical abilities.

From wooden climbing frames, roadways, den making, soft surfacing to water play products there is something for all ages and ability levels. We recognise the importance of an effective early years outdoor play space and we will strive to understand your needs and share innovative ideas to give you the value for money and an early years outdoor play space to be proud of.

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Explore our Range of Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment

Wild Wood

Inspirational natural play spaces.

Playground Flooring

Recreational and safety surfaces.


eyfs area roadway designs

Roadways of all shapes and sizes

Sandpits and Digging

Messy and creative digging playground equipment for school play areas

Messy, creative play areas.

Water Play

natural water play areas

Experiment with water and sand

Nature and Garden

Playground equipment to allow children to explore the natural world during school lessons or break times.

Explore the natural world.

Playground Markings

phonic shape thermoplastic floor marking for playgrounds

Fun and educational floor markings

Seating and Furniture

Seating and outdoor furniture for schools and play areas.

Tables, seats and more...


Stages and Decking areas for performance, drama and creative expression within school play areas.

Performance and creative expression


den making playground equipment for eyfs

Dens and secret hide-aways

Playground Shelters

Outdoor classrooms and shelters for teaching and quiet chill-out play areas in schools.

Outdoor classrooms & chill-out spots.

Play Towers

Playtowers for school play areas with all age ranges and budgets catered for.

Traditional Climbing Frames

Climbing Equipment

early years physical climbing activity playground equipment

Climbing equipment tailored for EYFS.

Outdoor Music

Musical play equipment instruments for schools and play areas.

Instruments for musical play.


Let us help you look after your school play equipment with one of our comprehensive playground maintenance packages.

Care for your play equipment.

Our range covers the 7 areas of learning...
Personal, social and emotional development
Communication and Language
Physical development
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design