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Early Years Playground Equipment

As specialists in nursery and EYFS outdoor playground equipment, we have developed a comprehensive range of products specifically designed for early years outdoor play. Our team of EYFS playground designers will work with you to create a stimulating outdoor learning environment that children will love to play in and which will help them meet the learning and development standards expected by the EYFS statutory framework.

We know that a rich and varied environment supports and enhances young children’s learning and development. An ESP equipped playground gives them a secure and safe outdoor area they can feel confident to explore, while providing a space to face new challenges, learn to handle safe risks and make decisions, choices and mistakes.

Outdoor Nursery Equipment from ESP will develop emotional literacy through problem solving, perseverance, challenge and risk

ESP early years outdoor play equipment inspires children to become independent learners. They’ll get the chance to explore their creativity, unleash their imagination, carry out investigations, work in groups, express themselves and learn those all-important social skills. They’ll also get the opportunity to explore their physical abilities and develop physical skills.

From wooden climbing frames to roadways, den making to water play products, we have something for all ages, ability levels and interests. And to keep young ones safe, we also provide soft surfacing which is available in a range of colours.

Wild Wood - Natural Play Spaces

Inspirational natural play spaces.

Playground Flooring

Recreational and safety surfaces.

Natural Roadways & Textured Paths

eyfs area roadway designs

Roadways of all shapes and sizes

Sandpits, digging in mud & creative areas

Messy and creative digging playground equipment for school play areas

Messy, creative play areas.

Problem solving through water play

Experiment with water and sand

Exploring the natural world

Playground equipment to allow children to explore the natural world during school lessons or break times.

Explore the natural world.

Traditional Playground Markings

phonic shape thermoplastic floor marking for playgrounds

Fun and educational floor markings

Tables, seating and more...

Seating and outdoor furniture for schools and play areas.

Tables, seats and more...

Performance & creative expression

Stages and Decking areas for performance, drama and creative expression within school play areas.

Performance and creative expression

Den Building & Creative Expression

den making playground equipment for eyfs

Dens and secret hide-aways

Playground Shelters

Outdoor classrooms and shelters for teaching and quiet chill-out play areas in schools.

Outdoor classrooms & chill-out spots.

Play Towers

Playtowers for school play areas with all age ranges and budgets catered for.

Traditional Climbing Frames

Wooden Climbing Equipment

early years physical climbing activity playground equipment

Climbing equipment tailored for EYFS.

Instruments for musical play

Musical play equipment instruments for schools and play areas.

Instruments for musical play.

Playground Inspection Services

Let us help you look after your school play equipment with one of our comprehensive playground maintenance packages.

Care for your play equipment.

Children Learn & Develop Best in Enabling Environments

With almost 20 years’ experience working alongside EYFS providers, we understand the importance of an effective early years’ outdoor play space. We will strive to understand your needs and share our expertise and innovative ideas with you to ensure you get value for money and an outdoor play area you can be proud of.

Our approach to the design of your early years outdoor play space will ensure we integrate opportunities for your children to experience the seven areas of learning and offer a true relationship with the indoor classroom.

We'll look at the potential your existing space has to create discrete activity zones; a practice that makes it safer for children and makes the playground easier to manage. You can create separate areas for such things as messy play, roleplay, investigations, literacy and numeracy, physical development, story-telling, creative arts and many more, depending on your needs.

To help, our fully trained team of playground designers will produce a completely free design of your play space, together with all the early years outdoor resources you have chosen and present a series of recommendations on how to create the ideal learning environment.

Our Promise - Our Approach to the Design of your Outdoor Provision will be Effective in Connecting the 7 Areas of Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is outdoor play important in the early years?

Outdoor play has many benefits for early learners. It encourages a healthy and active lifestyle by enabling physical activity. It boosts creativity and improves problem-solving skills. It gives children a better understanding of the environment and develops their respect for nature. It offers opportunities to be imaginative, inventive and resourceful and it provides space to discover, explore and experiment. It is also the ideal place for free play which is vital for early learning and important in helping young people make friends and develop social skills.

How does outdoor play link to the EYFS?

Outdoor play supports, enhances and accelerates the learning and development required in the EYFS framework. As children learn through play during early years, having a well-resourced EYFS playground helps learning to flow in a seamless way between the internal and external environments. In doing so, it enables providers to use their resources more efficiently and gives children more opportunity to do things which they are interested in and enthusiastic about.

By choosing the most appropriate outdoor nursery equipment, early years providers can ensure that children have access to resources that cater for all areas of the EYFS framework: communication and language development, physical development, personal, social, and emotional development, literacy and maths development, understanding the world and expressive arts and design.