Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA)

Elevating Physical Activity and Education; Transform your school’s outdoor play area into an exciting hub of  sport and physical activity with ESP PLAY’s innovative Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGA). As a leading UK specialist in playground design, manufacturing, and installation, we are committed to helping schools nationwide raise standards in PE and Sport to help make a positive impact on their pupils lives.

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MUGA Pitches & Products

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Why Our MUGA Pitches are the Preferred Choice for Schools

What makes our MUGAs so popular and effective? It’s simple – they offer a space-saving, cost-effective, and versatile solution for schools of all sizes. Our carefully designed MUGA pitches incorporate a variety of sports and games activities, allowing you to offer a wider repertoire of physical activities to your students. By doing so, we encourage more children to participate and foster a love for staying active and healthy.

Endless Design Possibilities for Your MUGA Sports Pitch

With a range of design options available, you can tailor your MUGA to fit your school’s development plans and the activities your pupils will love. From football and hockey to netball, tennis, basketball, and cricket, our MUGA sports pitches come with different artificial sports surfaces and markings. Enhance the experience further with goal posts, basketball/netball nets, ball walls, and wall targets.

MUGAs: Unlocking Opportunities: Beyond Playgrounds

Our MUGAs enable you to offer a wider choice of extracurricular activities, develop skills to higher levels, and participate in inter-school leagues and competitions at your home ground.

But the advantages don’t stop there! Financially, our Muti-Use Games Areas are a cost-effective way to utilise outdoor space, cutting down maintenance and generating income by letting the facilities to sports clubs for training and matches.

Experience the innovation of space utilisation with ESP PLAY’s MUGAs. Increase physical activity, improve education, and generate income – all in one easy-to-maintain space.

Contact us today to discover how our MUGA sports pitches can transform your school playground and enrich your students’ lives.