Playground Markings

We supply and install a wide range of thermoplastic playground markings for schools. Our designs cover many subject areas including maths, science and literacy, while also encouraging high quality physical activity.
We offer many classic games, however, if you prefer we can also install and bespoke designs. With a wide range of colours available, the playground design team are able to create designs that add colour and vibrancy to a dull playground surface.

All of our playground markings come with a 3 year guarantee and are quick and easy to install. They are a perfect solution to improving the aesthetic value of your school playground. We have been installing playground marking for over 18 years; therefore we can guarantee you will be delighted with our products and the quality of our installation service.

The playground markings are completely maintenance free.  They are a cost effective investment for improving your playground facilities. We have a team of fully trained graphic designers that will create your ideal playground marking design. They will carefully design your playground markings so that they are positioned in a safe way. It is very important to allow sufficient space around each marking to enable groups of children to play safely. We can supply markings for numeracy, literacy games and sport activities. Also available, are a wide range of sports courts catering for Netball, Basketball, Football, Rounders, Futsal, Mini Tennis and Hockey.

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