Playground Flooring & Surfacing

Playground Flooring and Surfacing Solutions for Schools

Our range of high-quality playground flooring and surfacing products will transform your tired asphalt and muddy grassed areas into clean, safe spaces for children to play, learn and take part in sport.

ESP have a broad selection of outdoor playground surfaces and school sports surfaces available which not only make your outdoor areas safer; they also make them suitable for a wider range of activities.

With the right outdoor surfacing installed, you can easily turn your playground into an outdoor classroom, an adventure playground, complete with play towers and climbing frames, and a multi-purpose PE and sports venue. As a result, you can use it to enhance pupil amenities, extend your curriculum and improve outcomes.

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High-Quality Materials and First-Class Installation

We pride ourselves not only on the high-quality of all our playground flooring materials but also on the professionalism of our teams who ensure they are installed to exceptional standards. Our outstanding work has resulted in clients coming back to us time and again. All our installations are carried out by our own teams who, for your peace of mind, are DBS checked.

Benefits of artificial sports surfacing

Our all-weather sports surfaces provide schools with the benefit of knowing that outdoor sports activities can continue as normal despite poor weather. In doing so, they prevent many of the problems associated with bad weather, such as lack of indoor space, cancelled lessons and rescheduled matches.

At the same time, artificial sports surfaces, such as artificial grass or rubber crumb surfaces, can help reduce capitation costs, as there is no need for regular upkeep: the grass will not need reseeding or cutting and the markings are permanent.

In addition, many schools take advantage of all-weather sports facilities by hiring them out to local teams and sports associations in order to increase school income or by letting them be used by community groups to develop local links.

Our artificial surfaces can be used with a wide range of sports, including football, hockey, netball, cricket and even lawn tennis. They are also suitable for a range of outdoor athletics.

For schools with limited outdoor space or limited budgets, we are also able to provide multi-sports courts with different coloured markings for each of the sports.

For your peace of mind, all of our all-weather, artificial sports surfaces are made from high quality, durable and safe materials.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the safest surface to use under playground equipment?

The unique properties of wetpour surfacing make it the safest surface to use under playground equipment such as climbing frames, Trim Trails, play towers and traversing walls. As a form of soft surfacing, it has a padded texture, available in different depths, that absorbs impact. As a result, it reduces the risk of injury should a child have a fall.

Made from recycled tyre crumbs bound together with a resin and available in a wide range of colours, wetpour provides a hardwearing surface that lasts for years. Not only is it impact absorbent, it is also free-draining, wheelchair friendly and maintenance-free. It can also be used with playground markings.

Can you use regular mulch for playgrounds?

Regular mulch, made from loose pieces of bark or rubber, is not the ideal solution for playgrounds. Bark mulch will eventually rot away and can be a hazard as sharp pieces can break off. Mulch made from loose rubber can become uneven and form trip hazards. Both types can also be eroded easily, with pieces being kicked or even thrown away.

A much more practical solution is bonded rubber mulch. ESP’s rubber mulch is made from recycled shredded tyres bonded together using specially formulated, high-performance polyurethane. The bonding process ensures that the soft surface protection stays put and the surface remains even. So, while it looks like a natural bark or woodchip surface, it won’t scuff out, rot away or become a safety hazard.