Our Materials and Guarantees

We work continuously to ensure our products are fit for purpose and offer a life span above and beyond expected. All our guarantees are listed out below, these apply to any defect as a result of faulty design, manufacturing, workmanship or materials.


  • 15 Years: Timber Rounds (Radiata Pine & Laminated Redwood)
  • 15 Years: Sawn Timber (Fifths Redwood)
  • 15 Years: Timber Treatment
  • 12 months: Plywood (annual treatment is highly recommended)


Our playground markings are all installed using thermoplastic. When applied thermoplastic will last for many years with little to no maintenance required. We use a glass bead additive on every installation so the markings have extra grip.

  • 3 years: Thermoplastic Playground Markings

* Applies to the adherence to a tarmac surface in accordance with installation instructions.


  • 5 Years: Artificial Grass
  • 5 Years: Wetpour Surfacing
  • 5 Years: Rubber Mulch (structural)
  • 2 Years: Grass Matting
  • 1 Year: Installation Guarantee

* Wetpour Surfacing: Applies to workmanship and materials when laid onto an approved appropriate sub-base with precast concrete edgings.

* Artificial Grass: Applies to all sports grass materials, and play grass materials.

* Rubber Mulch: 12 Month UV Colour Guarantee.

Steel & Metalwork

  • 20 Years: Steel-work
  • 20 Years: Galvanising
  • 20 Years: Stainless Steel
  • 5 Years: Powder Coating* 

* Steel-work: Applies to the structural build, powder coating and galvanisation.

Ropework & Chain

Our rope-work is made by binding steel wire inside a polypropylene twine which makes it ultra durable and long lasting. All our eyelet fixings are high-impact plastic and our ferrules are all aluminium for the highest quality.

  • 2 year: Reinforced Rope
  • 1 year: Polypropylene Rope
  • 1 year: Chain

*Applies to all rope or chain supplied, manufactured and the fittings used.


All of our plastic panels are made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) that is highly durable and will not de-laminate, splinter or crack. All of our panels are also UV stable so will not fade in colour outdoors and are graffiti resistant.

  • 5 Years: Polydek panels
  • 5 Years: HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Panels

*Applies to all materials and UV stability.


Every fixing we use is zinc coated, galvanised or stainless steel for rust resistance to ensure peace of mind for years to come.

  • 1 year: Bolts
  • 1 year: Screws
  • 1 year: Nuts
  • 1 year: Washers
  • 1 year: Security Fixings
  • 1 year: Bolt Caps
  • 1 year: Steel Brackets


We use polycarbonate plastic on all our wall boards and table tops because it is tough. Polycarbonate is shatter resistant so will easily take all the knocks thrown at it.

  • 1 Year: Wall Boards
  • 1 Year: Table Tops
  • 10 Years: Roofing Sheets

* Applies to all materials supplied.


  • 1 year: Standard
  • 1 year: Alphabet

*Applies to all materials.

Sail Shades

  • 1 year: UV Stable Tensioned Sail

* Installation: Applies to all workmanship.

* Materials: Applies to all materials and fixings.

* Please note the above stated guarantees are only valid in connection with our Terms and Conditions.

Playground Aftersales Care