Pupils make the most progress in science when they are actively involved in the lesson. Our range of outdoor science resources is specifically designed with experimenting, investigating and exploring in mind. They have been created to give children a real hands-on learning experience that will stimulate their curiosity and develop their understanding of the topics being studied.

We have resources for all age ranges, from EYFS all the way to Key Stage 4. These include weather stations that measure wind speed and precipitation, 3d outdoor graph makers for recording and analysing results; and connections walls for helping to draw conclusions and make comparisons. Everything you need to take your class through the whole scientific method from experiment to conclusion.

Our resources give you the opportunity to lead a range of outdoor science activities across a number of scientific areas: the weather, plant biology and human biology. In addition, we have general scientific resources that can be used in an even wider range of lessons.

With bright, colourful and kid-friendly designs, our outdoor science resources are an instant hit with children. You’ll find that they just can’t wait to get their hands on them. You’ll also find that besides being kid-friendly, they are also kid-resistant. These are highly durable and well-made products that are designed to last.

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