introduce new thinking, new challenges and ensure the maximum sustainability

Climbing frames are a fantastic traditional form of play that is perfect for the natural development of upper body strength, balancing, coordination and decision making.  For primary aged children, recreational play provides times in the school day for them to use their muscles, take some risks, problem solve and socially interact.


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Interchangeable Trim Trails

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Traditional Trim Trails





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Climbing Walls & Handgrips


Play Towers

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At a time where computer games dominate a child's interest, the school playground can play a key role in increasing physical activity levels, improving health and in providing opportunities to play and have fun.  All of our climbing frame are made from the highest quality laminated timber.

Our range of school climbing frames allow young people to learn to make calculated decisions around potential risks, negotiate obstacles and inject a real fun factor into any playground. Our school climbing frames are manufactured in the UK using the high-quality timber. The timber is pressure treated to the core which offers a lengthy guarantee and long-lasting product. We continue to introduce new ranges exclusive to ESP that introduce new thinking, new challenges and ensure the maximum sustainability.

Our outdoor school climbing frames are made from the finest materials and comes with lengthy guarantees. ESP Play has in house installation team that will complete the installation of your climbing equipment to the highest standards. The climbing equipment will receive certification of compliance to European health and safety standards. Your after sales care pack will detail instruction on how to continue to maintain the climbing equipment and keep it safe and fit for purpose.  Claim your free playground design and consultation service with one of our experts and see how you can transform your school playground.