Primary School Playground Equipment

Recognising the Crucial Role the School Playground has in the Development of Young People.

Primary School Playground Equipment

At ESP Play, we recognise the valuable role that the school playground equipment has in the development of primary-aged pupils. This is why we design, manufacture and install outdoor equipment that is fun for young people to play on, improves their wellbeing and which extends and enhances your school’s outdoor provision. We have an extensive range of playground equipment for schools, some of which is purely for play, some for sports and PE and others, purposely created to help you teach large parts of the curriculum outdoors. We also cater for all ages of primary pupil, from reception all the way through to year 6 with equipment specifically made for early years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

“I honestly cannot recommend the company enough. From design to installation  ESP were exceptional. Heads are often hard people to please and I include myself in that, so to recommend this company is a big thing when we have spent around £200k with them. I have no regrets and would encourage anybody to speak to ESP if they were doing playground works”. Mathew Atkinson, Executive Headteacher

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Wild Wood ~ Natural Play Spaces

Freeflow ~ Climbing Adventures

Tangled ~ Climbing Frames

Play Towers ~ Natural Wooden Structures

High Quality School Playground Equipment

Our range of outdoor play equipment covers everything from playground markings, to large scale wooden climbing frames, wooden Trim Trails and fun obstacle courses. Whatever your pupils are fond of doing, we can cater for them.  We supply and install everything you need where school playground development is concerned.  Along with with our exciting range of wooden climbing equipment, we also supply and install every type of playground safety surface including Wetpour, Rubber Mulch, Artificial Grass and Grass Matting.

Our FREE playground design service will provide your school with a clear vision of how your playground could look.  On top of everything mentioned above, your design could also include quiet seating areas, MUGA’s (Multi Use Games Areas), playground shelters for outdoor learning; and our research backed Multi-skills Zone supported with nationally accredited teacher training for PE.

Sport Premium, ideas that you can use your budget towards

Create multi-skills zones that impove physical activity

PE Equipment for School Playgrounds

For many primary schools, the playground also functions as the PE classroom and we have developed an extensive range of products to help you extend your PE provision.

We provide sport-friendly playground surfaces, like wet-pour and artificial grass; single and multicourt sports markings, as well as specialised markings for training; multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and outdoor gyms; and plenty of other products such as goals, nets, ball catchers, ball walls and targets.

ESP Play has worked in partnership with thousands of schools throughout the UK, developing their PE provision with our renowned ‘Multi-Skills and Movement’ development concept. Our CPD teacher training awards have also received national accreditation from the professional development board of the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) and this quality of provision extends throughout our entire range of outdoor PE playground equipment for schools.

Taking the Curriculum into the Playground

The benefits of outdoor learning have led many schools to develop outdoor classrooms. At ESP, not only can we provide you with the necessary essentials, such as seating and standalone whiteboards, we also supply and install subject-specific learning apparatus for all areas of the primary curriculum. From weather stations to discovery planters, tangram tables to storytelling chairs, percussion instruments to drama stages, whatever subject you want to bring into the fresh air, we can support you.

Make Your Outdoor Space Work for You

Not sure how to make the most of your primary school playground? Don’t worry. Here at ESP Play, we offer all primary schools a completely free playground design and consultation service aimed to help you put together all the elements you need, in the most appropriate place and within the right budget.

Our team of fully trained playground designers will consider your brief and make recommendations on what outdoor school play equipment is best for you. Once the design is agreed, we’ll show you exactly how your new school playground will look following the installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three types of inspection that your primary school playground will need. These are:

1. Routine Visual Inspection

This is a daily check by school staff to identify any hazards or product defects that may potentially cause the equipment to fail or cause an accident. A detailed list of things to look for is given in the aftercare pack.

2. Operational Inspection

This is a detailed monthly inspection that focuses on the operational use and stability to ensure it remains fit for purpose, safe and in its best condition. These can be carried out by staff and there is a photocopiable checklist in the aftercare package which you can use to keep a record of these inspections. If you would prefer, a qualified ESP Operational Inspector can carry out these inspections for you, however, we do charge a fee for this service.

3. Annual Inspection

An annual inspection should be carried out every 12 months by an ESP Scotland Limited RPII accredited Annual Inspector or an independent RPII qualified Annual Inspector, to determine the overall level of safety of the play equipment, foundations, surfaces and all areas connected to outdoor play. The inspection will ensure that any risks or product defects are highlighted for maintenance and correction. Please note that product guarantees and warranties will not be valid if you do not carry out an annual inspection with a RPII qualified Annual Inspector.

It is important to keep records of all routine, operational and annual inspections, plus any maintenance procedures you have had carried out, to ensure guarantees and warranties remain valid.

There are quite a few ways to get playground funding, though sometimes this depends on the type of play equipment you are purchasing or for what purpose you are going to use it. Common sources include PTAs, in-school fundraising and the School Sport Premium. There are, however, a number of other funding avenues available and we can point you in the right direction if you need assistance finding them.

As a manufacturer and specialist installer of outdoor play equipment for schools, ESP Play offers primary schools high-quality, long-lasting equipment at affordable prices. All products come with guarantees and we have a company-wide commitment to customer service.

Following receipt of your order, we will arrange for your new school playground equipment to be manufactured and installed. On installation, we will carry out rigorous checks to ensure your new products are in perfect working order, are safely installed and comply with European standards. You’ll also receive an aftersales care pack that contains all the information you will need to look after your new playground. ESP can also provide inspection services to make sure your equipment is safe to use over the long term.