Responsible Sourcing through Supply Chain

Every aspect of our responsible sourcing policy is focused on achieving and upholding our 12 Fundamental Principles. The 12 principles are both the foundation and vision to achieve our responsible business objectives.

We will work with our suppliers to gain commitment to these principles both within their own business and across their extended supply chain.

Working hours are fair and REASONABLE.

All employees are treated EQUALLY and fairly.

The business embraces the principles of environmental and SUSTAINABLE practices.

All employees are PAID in line with legal terms.

All employees can have access to trade union OFFICIALS.

All employees health and safety is a NECESSITY.

Working conditions are of a good STANDARD.

Business is conducted lawfully and with INTEGRITY.

Work is conducted on the BASIS of freely agreed and documented terms of employment.

All employees are on a LEGAL working wage.

All EMPLOYEES can have access to appropriate and clean facilities.

All employees have access to full ESP procedures and these 12 principles.