Physical Education

Whilst outdoors is often the ideal location in which to take PE classes, one thing that can be a problem is not having a whiteboard or other point of reference to use during the lesson. This is why we have developed a range of activity boards specifically designed for use in outdoor PE.

Our outdoor PE resources includes an activity scoreboard so that teachers and pupils can keep an ongoing record of scoring in matches, distances thrown or jumped or times achieved in races. We also have a movement board, designed to focus children when practicing a wide range of movement skills, and even a yoga board which shows illustrations of basic positions to give pupils a better understanding of how to shape their bodies.

In addition, our multi-skills board is the ideal outdoor word wall for movement exercises, providing a list of all the key technical terms children will need to understand and know how to spell. It also has a built-in number counter so that teachers can help pupils remember how many times they need to repeat an exercise.

Finally, as dance is now part of the PE curriculum, teachers will find our dance motifs board an excellent resource in helping younger children understand how to incorporate animal movements into their dance exercises.

As part of our Switch range, all these boards are interchangeable and can be taken down and stored when not in use.

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