Water Play

Kids love to play with water and sand, and our outdoor equipment gives them the chance to indulge in one of their favourite pastimes all year round whilst enabling them to learn at the same time. We have put together a mix and match range of water play tables, sand play tables, water play trays and sand play trays that enable you to choose the products that best meet the needs of your children and your budget.

We have simple, sand only Beach Boxes and water only Water Play Pools, as well as combination sets such as our Beach and Splash World. All our water and sand products as designed to have educational value as well as offering opportunities for play.

Children can learn a great deal using these outdoor tables: they can look at the properties and texture of water and sand; see which objects sink or float; or, by using the features of our Ocean Pools and Funnels set, explore the effects of forces and hydropower.

You’ll soon see that the water and sand play collection can be used to enhance a wide range of classroom activities and enable children to do some real hands-on learning. And, being for use outside, you’re not going to have a messy classroom or a slippery floor when they’ve finished.

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