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At ESP Play, we believe that Christmas is all about bringing joy to our children, and what better way to sprinkle that joy than by enhancing their playtime? So, with the end of term approaching and the big day on everyone’s minds, we’ve put together a list of Christmas gifts for school playgrounds that will transform your outdoor area into a place where there is always fun and adventure to be enjoyed.

Deluxe Mud Kitchen

First on our list is the Deluxe Mud Kitchen, a messy play wonderland for the little ones. Made from tanalised redwood timber and fitted with stainless steel trays, this kitchen is built to withstand the elements and the energetic escapades of eager children. The overhead stainless-steel rail with buckets and chalkboard doors offers an interactive space that’s ripe for imaginative recipes and muddy pies. Storage is no issue, either, with shelves and cupboards ready to house all the ‘ingredients’ for a fun-filled playtime.

Freeflow Climbing Frames

Exclusive to ESP Play, our Freeflow Climbing Frames are a marvel of modular design. One of the most sought-after Christmas gifts for school playgrounds, this inviting, top-spec wooden equipment allows a multitude of children to engage in movement-based play all at the same time. With rope challenges, traversing walls, jungle bars, balance beams and more, this climbing frame doesn’t just keep kids enthralled; it encourages upper body strength, balance, coordination and problem-solving skills. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, aiding the development of young bodies and minds.

Spirit Play Boat

Give your pupils the opportunity to set sail on the Spirit Play Boat, a vessel brimming with imaginative play features. Complete with a telescope for spotting distant lands, rope work for climbing aboard, ramps for easy boarding and a blackboard for charting courses, this play boat is a hit with primary schools and EYFS playgrounds alike. Built using high-quality laminated timber, this sturdy ship promises endless adventures on the high seas of imagination.


One for older children, the ALLGO+ Gym is a unique bodyweight-only fitness suite designed to promote healthy, active lifestyles. Circle steps, fast feet, monkey bars and a variety of press-up and pull-up bars offer a comprehensive workout that is not only effective but also engaging. A sustainable and maintenance-free addition to any secondary school playground, it boosts fitness and encourages healthy lifestyles.

Large Shaded Pergola

Our large, shaded pergola with seating, planters and decking provides an idyllic outdoor teaching and social space for your pupils. Whether it’s story time under the shade, a science class amidst the planters or somewhere for hanging out during break times, this pergola is both versatile and inviting. Its UV filtering shade material protects children from the sun and rain, while the laminated and tanalised timber guarantees longevity.

Multicourt Sports Markings

The perfect games compendium for kids and ideal for schools short on outdoor space, our Multicourt Sports Markings bring sport to life in your playground. Featuring a futsal, netball and basketball court, with each outlined in different colours for easy recognition, it encourages children to participate in various sports and can be used for both play and PE curriculum activities. It’s an efficient and space-saving way to make the most of your playground area.

Insect Habitat

Get your pupils up close to nature and bring biodiversity into the playground with our post-mounted Insect Habitat. It’s an ideal addition to any playground looking to create a nature area, not only providing a much-needed home for insects but also giving children the opportunity to observe, learn about and respect these fascinating creatures that are so important to the ecosystem. More than simply providing a habitat; you’ll be offering a lesson in environmental stewardship.

Vancouver Play Tower

Last but certainly not least, the Vancouver Play Tower offers endless hours of fun for younger pupils. This robust play equipment is packed with features, including a climbing wall, a rope slope, an inclined wobbly bridge, a crawl through tunnel, a blackboard, a slide and more. Together, they make it a fortress of fun where children can climb, slide, play together and let their imaginations run wild.


If your school is considering upgrading its outdoor space, then hopefully this selection of Christmas gifts for school playgrounds will have given you some inspiration about what kinds of equipment you can offer your pupils. These playground products are not just great fun for children, they are also an investment in their health, development and education. Indeed, installing these products in your playground can make every day feel like Christmas.

For more information about our wide range of outdoor play equipment, visit our Products Page.

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