Top Playground Markings For EYFS and Infant Pupils

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Affordable and easy to install, playground markings are a cost-effective way to transform your EYFS or infant school playground. What’s more, they are now available in a wide variety of designs, enabling you to broaden the range of play and learning activities you offer outdoors and improve outcomes for younger children. Here, we’ll look at what we think are the top playground markings for EYFS and infants.

Sports playground markings for younger children

Although younger children might not fully understand the rules, getting them to participate in sports by kicking or throwing a ball around a marked out sports pitch can have enormous benefits. One of the most important is in improving a child’s health and fitness. Besides being great fun, chasing a ball around is also quite a demanding physical activity that can boost cardiovascular health, improve general fitness and even have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Additionally, the familiarity of taking part on a marked out pitch can help children as they learn the rules of the sports and become more skilled participants.

While there is a good range of sports markings available, for affordability and to cope with limited space, the best option for EYFS and infant schools is to opt for multi-court markings, such as our 3-in-1 futsal (mini-football), netball and basketball court. With the different sports markings highlighted in different colours, it is ideal for offering multiple sports when you have a small playground. Goals and nets can also be purchased to make your facilities complete.

Agility, balance and coordination skills markings

Agility, balance and coordination development is an important requirement in both EYFS and Key Stage 1. These skills are acquired through practice and one of the best ways that schools can facilitate progress is to provide resources that not only provide opportunities to take part but which also motivate children to have a go.

ESP has a wide range of agility, balance and coordination markings, including steppers, twisty lines, footwork chess, and agility ladders. These help children learn to move forwards, backwards and side to side by taking steps, hops and jumps.

Roadway markings

Our roadway markings have an important double-function. While they are fantastic fun to play on or even pedal around on a trike, they also provide a perfectly safe place in which to help children learn about road safety, both as a pedestrian and a bike user.

Featuring dual-direction roads with central markings, zebra crossings, traffic lights, roundabouts, yellow box junctions, parking bays and a petrol station, children can learn about how traffic systems work and what they need to do to stay safe. It will help them know which direction traffic travels in on roads and roundabouts, learn where, when and how to cross a road and understand the dangers of car parks and petrol stations.

Of course, the markings give unlimited play opportunities, with children using them to take many a roleplay road-trip or to pedal their trikes around a realisic roadway.

Letters and phonics markings

With literacy in early years and infant schools starting with letter learning and the teaching of phonics, what better way to enhance this than by having fun practising in the playground? Today, there are several letter and phonics markings available. These include an alphabet target, an A to Z letter stepper, a footwork vowels stepper and our Phonics Spots stepper which features ten of the most common phonics sounds. As children play on these, they’ll also be able to practice naming the letters and saying the sounds, helping them improve their overall literacy skills.

Number markings

Similar to literacy markings, number markings also help children acquire numeracy skills while having fun in the playground. These help children learn to recognise numbers, count forwards and backwards and learn number sequences.

There is a good range of numeracy markings suitable for EYFS and infant pupils. These include compass hopscotch (suitable for 4 children to play at the same time), Hex Steps, a 1-100 mathematical number grid, a number arch and our Shapes and Ladders game.

Wider learning markings

In addition to learning the fundamental skills, there are also opportunities to introduce markings that widen learning into other areas. Our weather markings, for example, display commonly used weather signs, such as a cloud, sunshine, umbrella and snowflake, as well as introducing the days of the school week. Meanwhile, our Multi-Markings introduce the basic compass directions, our Alpha Clock displays clock hours and our Shapes markings let children learn about circles, triangles, squares, rectangles and pentagons.


Playground markings are an excellent and affordable choice for EYFS and infant schools. They help children to be fitter and healthier while facilitating the development of agility, balance and coordination; they let pupils learn about road safety, literacy and numeracy and they provide opportunities for wider learning. Most importantly, of course, they look very inviting and are great fun to play on.

For more information, visit our Playground Markings page.

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