High Wind Alert, windy scene, playground alert for wind.

High Wind Alert

We are experiencing very high wind currently! These winds can cause problems for schools who have had large items of equipment installed. These include sail shades, shaded pergolas, shelters, play towers and ball catchers.

We are advising that during these high winds schools should be extra vigilant in their checks of the equipment they have had installed. Particular attention is advised for items as follows:

Ball catchers – please check the item is secure in the ground. That the top is not loose and all bolts and nuts are tightened. Please check that there is no excessive movement and if necessary take hold in the units pole and perform a vigorous check of the stability of the object. If there is any cause for concern please cordon off the area and contact ESP for further advise.

Sail Shades – we are advising schools to refer to their customer support pack as a reminder that we strongly advise the sails shades are removed in the winter months.

Pergolas and Shelters or play towers – perform visual check on the roof or shade to ensure no loose or moving parts are identified

If you are concerned about any element of your playground installation please contact ESP for advice.

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