Why learn outdoors and use physical activity in Science?

Why learn outdoors and use physical activity in Science?

At ESP we recognise the importance of learning outside the classroom and have now worked with hundreds of schools delivering our concept. Below are a few questions we come across when discussing our concept.

• Why bother going outside of the classroom?

• Why bother using physical activity in Science?

• The weather’s too bad.

• It’s hard work managing the pupils – their behaviour changes.

• The class is too big!

 It’s worth it because…

• Learning through physical activity outside of the classroom enriches the curriculum.

• It can give children new and exciting experiences that might inspire them.

• It meets the needs for a variety of learning styles (VAK) and can re-motivate children who do not thrive in the traditional classroom environment.

• It supports improved standards back INSIDE the classroom, raising attainment, reducing truancy and improving discipline.

• Learning outside the classroom is known to contribute significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social & emotional development.

• Learning outside the classroom as a regular part of their school life results in benefits such as increased self esteem and pupils becoming more engaged in their education both inside and outside the classroom walls.

• Children need to move – not just for the sake of their physical selves, but also for social, emotional and cognitive development; movement benefits the whole child.

• There is a positive association between children’s level of physical activity (or sport) and cognitive functioning or academic success.

 What do OfSTED say?

An evaluation report published in 2008 makes very clear that learning outside the classroom significantly raises standards and achievements. It also enhances young people’s motivation and levels of interest, providing real, exciting and enjoyable contexts.

Start working in partnership with ESP and bring this positive experience to your school playground.

Our CPD and teacher training department has a wide range of national expertise and is responsible for supporting all of our playground equipment and services, making them relevant and purposeful to the national curriculum. This ensures that every school working in partnership with ESP delivers sustainable change.


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