Bespoke Playground Markings

Our Thermoplastic playground markings are a fantastic way of bringing the school playground to life. Our design team are often asked to work on bespoke ideas for thermoplastic playground markings and it provides a great chance for them to get their creative juices flowing.

From animals to pirate-inspired adventure trails, our designers can bring most requests and ideas to life and turn them into fun and exciting ways to enhance the school playground. Starting with a few simple sketches, our designers work out the best ways to make the most of the available space and begin to come up with concepts for the bespoke playground markings. Once an initial idea has been put together, it is priced up to ensure that it is a realistic option based on the school’s budget. When our team are happy with both the design and the cost, the playground markings are brought to life in a 3D CAD programme and presented to the school for feedback.

When the school is happy with the design and has placed an order, we send out our CRB vetted installation teams to start laying the thermoplastic in the designated playground area. Featuring a glass bead additive to provide a non-slip surface, our markings are burnt onto tarmac or concrete and are ready to use within just 15 minutes of being laid.

Our playgrounds come with a 3 year guarantee but are likely to last for up to 10 years, requiring little to no maintenance whilst keeping their bright, vivid appearance – the perfect solution for brightening up your outdoor space!

This Summer, the design department are busy working on a brand new playground concept based on the fundamental movements of dance. Featuring 7 basic dance moves, the playground markings are intended to get children moving throughout their time at school and provide them with a new and exciting way of developing their fundamental movement skills. With the design process in full swing, we are working hard to make sure that our new range of playground markings are just as successful as our popular Multi-skills, MADE and Kandu Zones.

To find out more about our brand new range of dance markings and to follow their progress from start to finish, keep checking our news section or contact us here for more information.

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