Statement Playground Equipment with Instant Kid Appeal

If you need to transform your playground by installing equipment that makes a statement and which is guaranteed to get the pupils excited, then this post has exactly what you’re looking for. Here, we’ll look at equipment which has an immediate impact and has proven to be hugely popular with children up and down the country.

Freeflow climbing system

Bring excitement to your playground by installing the Freeflow climbing frame system. This modular system of interconnected components can be erected using the elements of your choice and in a layout that your pupils find most exciting. Elements can include tyre bridges, traverse walls and nets, rope crossings, crazy trails and more. There are three different packages available, Expedition, Adventure and Conquest, each with increasing numbers of components. It’s even possible to add new components to your system over time, to help spread the cost.

What makes Freeflow particularly appealing to children is that the various climbing elements are laid out in a grid structure. This means there is no definitive beginning or end and no prescribed pathway, so pupils can start and finish where they please and take the route that they find most enjoyable. This freedom of choice is where the equipment’s name, Freeflow, originated.

Aside from the sheer joy of playing on it, Freeflow is designed to encourage physical activity and to develop strength, stamina and coordination.

Trim Trails

Trim Trails

More challenge is to be had with a Trim Trails obstacle course. Kids love the physical and strategic challenges these present, spending countless playtimes trying to master individual obstacles, navigating various routes and competing with each other to finish a particular course quickest.

One of the great things about Trim Trails is that they are made up of various individual components, and this makes it possible to create a bespoke course that combines the pieces which are most suitable for your pupils. These include chin-up and dip bars, climbing nets, log climbers, balance bars, jungle bars, striding posts, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, clamber under and over challenges and many more obstacles.

There are various sets of Trim Trails available, each catering for different ages, from EYFS to secondary age. There is also a range of interchangeable Trim Trails that have easily changeable components. With these, you can routinely change elements of your course, giving children different challenges to try out.

Just like the Freeflow climbing system, Trim Trails equipment also encourages participation in physical activity and in helping to develop pupils’ resilience and self-esteem.


The Tangled range of playground equipment has become one of the most popular options for primary schools over recent years. Inspired by pirate ship rigging and giant spiders’ webs, it provides children with unlimited opportunity for both rope play and role play. Activities they can participate in include balancing, climbing, swinging and overcoming challenging manoeuvres. There are, currently, eight exciting components which can be combined to create a Tangled system. Each component has a unique design and an alluring name (e.g. tarantula, cobweb, black widow and wolf) making them irresistible statement pieces for your pupils.

Created specifically for younger children, Tangled is low-level equipment, that comes in various sizes and is just the right height off the ground for EYFS to KS2 pupils, enabling them to play safely and with confidence.

Roleplay play towers

A fantastic way to cater for children’s love of climbing and their sense of adventure is to install our roleplay play towers. From a physical activity perspective, they give ample opportunity for fun-filled play with components such as traversing ramps, tunnels, slides, bridges, sliding poles and rope ladders. They are also designed to encourage children to make up their own role play adventures and our selection of equipment provide many inspirational features such as towers and turrets, drawbridges, flags and pitched roofed dens.

There is a wide range of play tower systems to choose from, so whatever your budget or the size of your playground, there will be something suitable. These range from the simple Kingsley Play Tower and Dalton Play Castle, all the way up to our show-stopper, Vancouver Play Tower and Windsor Play Castle models.


If you want to purchase playground equipment that makes a statement and which has an immediate impact on your pupils’ outdoor enjoyment, then the four types of equipment presented here should help you find a solution. Whether you choose Freeflow, Trim Trails, Tangled or play towers, you can be sure that your playground will look the part and your pupils will be racing to have a turn.

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