Specialist PE teachers in Schools?

According to recent reports, the head of youth sport has called for specialist PE teachers in all UK schools. We hope this will result in more playground activity and better use of playground equipment after feeling disappointed with the reports stating a 60% drop in sport activity in the wake of government cuts. This comes at a time when the country is in debate about Michael Gove’s decision to enforce competitive sport while deeming none competitive sports to be less important.

Despite Grove’s decision, ESP are huge supporters of all sporting activity, competitive or otherwise. We believe that all children deserve the chance to participate in sports that makes them happy and physically active. It is refreshing to know that schools up and down the country continue to share our views whilst recent news reports have not affected the success of our multi-skills playground markings. These markings are a great way to build fundamental movement skills applicable to a wide range of sporting activities,  including football, basketball, gymnastics, dance and many more. The possibilities are endless.

A more detailed report on these political debates can be found at The Guardian Website.

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