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Playground tables

Ask most school staff what a playground table is and the most likely answer is a picnic bench. Indeed, most staff have never seen anything different in a playground. Over the last few years, however, outdoor tables have become increasingly specialised to provide children with more opportunities to have fun and to learn. If these fabulous tables are something new to you, here’s a look at some of the playground activities your pupils could be enjoying.

Compendium of games tables

Not too long ago, every family had a compendium of games, often featuring classic board games like Ludo, snakes and ladders, noughts and crosses, solitaire and chequers. Today, there are specially designed playground picnic tables that feature the playing boards and pieces of these much-loved games and provide the seating for children to participate. Brightly coloured and with large boards, they are fun and easy to play. Tables come in two sizes, the smaller featuring two games and the larger, three games. Besides the games mentioned above, you can also choose from Connect 4, Chinese chequers and the Green Challenge game.

Whiteboard table

Ideal for your arty kids, the whiteboard table, together with a selection of whiteboard pens gives children the opportunity to spend their lunches and break times drawing, colouring, writing or even just doodling. And when they’re done, a quick wipe with a cloth will present a blank canvas for the next person. These tables are also great for outdoor lessons where pupils can use them for writing down ideas, working out calculations, recording observations and so forth.

Investigation tables

The investigation table offers a modern, learning-friendly approach to those science lessons where you take a square surface of grass or soil, divide it into grids and record what you find in each. The table comes in three sections, one where finds are laid, another where they are sorted into grids for closer inspection, and a third where finds are recorded on a cm by cm ruled grid whiteboard.

These tables really look the business, inspiring pupils and providing them with the necessary apparatus to conduct field investigations following proper scientific methods.

Roadway tables

These six-seater and four-seater picnic benches feature a colourful map surface with an interconnected system of roadways, together with rivers and canals, a railway line and buildings. Ideal for children that like playing with toy people, cars, trains and boats, they are great for inventing games, pretend journeys and instigating roleplay. They can also be used to teach some of the basics of road safety and to introduce aspects of geography.

Waterplay tables

Kids love playing with water and waterplay tables allow them to do this in a way that’s safe and doesn’t cause too much mess. The water container is brightly coloured and features cartoon fish, an octopus, a crab and a starfish. There’s a fun funnel for pouring water in, a mini water wheel and even exciting water chutes for sending things down to make a splash. The table itself is built using a sturdy wooded frame to ensure it stays upright and doesn’t cause a mini flood.

Football table

This is a version of the traditional football table found in arcades, where players have to spin the handles to kick the ball and score a goal. The key difference is that this particular football table is designed to be kept outdoors in the playground. With high sides to protect against the wind, it's sturdy and waterproof and made from materials that aren’t going to get damaged from being open to the elements.

Colour puzzle and Tangram tables

Great for those children who like a stimulating mental challenge during their free time, both the colour puzzle and Tangram tables offer lots of problem-solving fun. With colourful shapes and patterns to sort out, these tables are entertaining and provide great learning opportunities too.

Drum table

Part of our collection of outdoor percussion instruments, the drum table, which features three different drums, is the perfect height for younger children to experiment with rhythm and sounds just by using their hands. Bright red and yellow and with the word ‘Music’ boldly showing on the front, it’s an eye-catching and fun addition to any playground, especially when complemented by some of the other great instruments in the collection.


As you can see, playground tables have evolved significantly over the last few years, with their specialisation providing much more value than somewhere to sit, chat and eat sandwiches.

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