Water Play Tables – Ocean Pool and Funnels

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Water Play Tables are very popular in schools, in particular for EYFS settings.  Introducing water is fantastic for promoting problem solving skills within young learners. ESP have a wide range of tables available for schools looking to add this activity within their school playground.

Each table we provide is made from long lasting laminated timber and comes complete with a HDPE lid.  The lid also doubles up as a play panel when in use. The lid in this particular product comes with see through dome to create a pool, along with funnels to add to the play value.


The Benefits of Water Play Tables

They allow for open-ended play as children use their imagination. Water tables help to introduce and develop fine motor skills, sensory perception, understanding of our natural environment, early scientific concepts, numeracy and literacy skills. Children are naturally inquisitive and our range tables are designed with exploration and investigation in mind.

At ESP, we stock a variety of water play tables including a selection of coloured and transparent versions. Additional features are also available such as funnels, pools, sieves and water wheels.

If you are interested in a water play table from ESP, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Early Years, Primary, Special Needs

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