Switch – Can You Draw the Shapes

Drawing a shape accurately is something that takes practice and persistence
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It can be difficult for children to visualise how their movements will affect the outcome of the shape they are trying to draw. Encourage dexterity by asking the children to use different coloured marker pens for tracing along inside the shapes. Whilst emphasis is placed on patterns which build on the three basic letter shapes. Having a guideline vastly increases their perception of how to go about drawing a shape as they begin to learn the types of movement needed to draw a curve or straight edge through problem solving.


  • Developing mark making and drawing skills with both hands.
  • Using left and right hands.
  • Encourage communication and language through shape and colour recognition
  • Numeracy is provoked when counting the number of sides and corners of the shapes.
  • Drawing with one eye shut.
  • Colouring-in.

Additional information

Teaching Area

Early Years, Primary, Special Needs

Age Range

EYFS (0-4 years), KS1 (4-7 years), KS2 (7-11 years)

Areas of Learning

Communication & Language, Expressive Arts & Design

Curriculum Subjects

Art & Design

Product Category

Exclusive to ESP, Outdoor Curricular, Quiet Activity, SEN Inclusive / Adaptable, Social Interaction, Switch

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