Rubber Mulch

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Product Details

Rubber Mulch is a mixture of recycled shredded truck tyre rubber and a specially formulated high-performance polyurethane binder.

Rubber mulch is a cost-effective, coloured recycled product. the rubber mulch is a colour coated recycled SBR tyre shred and is a great alternative when wet pour safety surfacing is beyond budget. The overall effect is that it looks very much like a natural bark/wood chip surface, but the difference is that it’s bound together – so it won’t scuff out – and it will never rot away.

Rubber Mulch is very different from other rubberised play surfaces, not only in its appearance but also in the extent of preparation work that is required before it can be laid.

Technical Information

In order to achieve the best installation result we will require information and guidance from you about the area in which you would like to install Rubber Mulch Surfacing. Problems can arise where existing issues such as drainage are present as additional ground preparatory works may be required. You are required to debrief us on the performance of the area on topics such as drainage, subsidence, and if there are any known service lines running underground as we will be unable to fully assess all of these during our site visit.

Based on the information you provide us about the area for development, we will recommend, or create, a bespoke installation specification to ensure you get the best possible installation result, these must be agreed before the order and installation processes commence. Any additional works outside of the standard installation specifications shown below, such as for drainage, would be at an additional cost.

We offer a completely free site survey and consultation in order to assess your specific requirements.  If you feel more comfortable meeting with one of our regional consultants then please get in touch.  Our representative will attend site and gather all the required information to complete the works.

Below are our standard installation methods for Rubber Mulch where existing ground conditions are suitable.

We work in partnership with the Playground Inspection Company to ensure all our equipment if fully compliant.

*12 Month UV Colour Guarantee.

rubber mulch
rubber mulch