Wetpour Surfacing

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Product Details

Our Wetpour surfacing is made from 100% recycled tyres, is available in a wide range of colours and has infinite design possibilities.

The coloured rubber crumbs are bound together with a resin that once set, provides an impact absorbent surface that will last for years.

Wetpour surfacing is constructed in two layers, a base layer and top surface layer. The base layer is made from large black rubber granules and the top layer is made from smaller rubber granules in a colour of your choosing.

Wetpour is:


  • Free-draining
  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Durable
  • Maintenance free
  • Colourful


Wetpour is available in different depths and the individual requirements may change based on the area of installation in question. For some areas, excavation and preparation of the surface may be required.