Tangled – Cobweb

tangled climbing frames

The Tangled Cobweb climbing frame will be a popular and exciting challenge for your pupils and be a real feature within your playground area.


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Product Details

The Tangled Cobweb installed with Rubber Mulch Surfacing at Cobholm Primary Academy

The Conweb from our TANGLED range has to be one of the best wooden climbing frames we offer.  The Cobweb offers endless play value and endless fun for any child  It is very open ended and really does trigger the imagination of the children. Lots of kids can be active at once.

All wooden climbing frames must be safe and compliant.  The Cobweb come with a certificate of compliance



  • Laminated & tanalised redwood timber.
  • Zinc plated fixings.
  • Steel cored ropes.
  • 15 year timber guarantee.
  • Great for encouraging physical activity


360 View

Press "pause" to stop rotation, click and drag to rotate.


    Technical Information and Intended Age Range


    • Free Fall Height
    • Minimum Surfacing Area
    • Minimum Space Required
    • Dimension of Largest Part
    • Mass of Heaviest Part (Kg)
    • Wheelchair Accessible
    • Spare Part Availability
    • Min persons required for assembly
    • 1750mm
    • 125m2
    • 12,395mm x 12,395mm
    • 4800mm x 140mm
    • 36.45
    • No
    • 2-4 Weeks
    • 3
    • Under 5's
    • 5 - 7 yr's
    • 7 - 11 yr's
    • 11 - 16 yr's
    • Over 16's
    wooden climbing frames
    wooden climbing frames
    Product Material Specification


    wooden climbing frames

    Laminated Timber

    Glulam redwood timber poles provide exceptional strength, have a greater resistance to splitting, and offer a high quality smooth finish.

    wooden climbing frames

    Plastic Accessories

    Plastic accessories are made from UV stable HDPE plastic to ensure high durability and life-span.

    wooden climbing frames

    Zinc Plated Fixings

    All nuts, bolts, screws and brackets are zinc plated to prevent against corrosion and to ensure longevity and safety.

    wooden climbing frames

    Steel Cored Ropes

    Colourful steel cored polypropylene ropes are used to ensure safety, durability, and vandal resistance.

    wooden climbing frames

    Product Labels

    Aluminium labels are affixed to all our equipment at quality control stage prior to dispatch. Each label contains our details, the product ID, and year of manufacture.

    Timber Information

    wooden climbing frames

    FSC Sourced Timber

    We only use timber that has been responsibly sourced from managed forests with the FSC accreditation.

    Timber Treatment

    We pressure treat all our timber with Tanalith E wood preservative after all of our manufacturing processes are complete to class 4 which prevents against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.

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