Fast Feet

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Product Details

Fast Feet is one of the Playground Markings featured heavily throughout our Multi-Skills zones and makes a fantastic addition to any playground. It has been installed in thousands of Primary schools across the UK. This Fast Feet marking is designed to improve foot works, speed agility and quickness.  This marking will develop the transferable movement skills that all young people need to become better at PE and sport.

Independent research has confirmed ESP deliver huge improvements in movement competencies of primary aged children along with significant improvements in the confidence of individuals, behaviour patterns, participation in daily high quality physical activity and obesity prevention and health.

Children can use the Fast Feet Playground Marking to develop skills such as hopping, jumping, running or skipping. The marking is designed to provide young people with movement experiences that develop their coordination and movement vocabulary. Our Fast Feet Playground Marking can also be used to help develop children’s stability when turning, landing and controlling their movements as part of custom made activities delivered by our CPD Training Awards.

ESP are the only playground supplier to support playground markings with nationally accredited teacher training awards. Our accreditation from AfPE provides a quality mark against the product.  The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is the only physical education subject association in the UK.

They are committed to being the representative organisation of choice for people and organisations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education in schools and in the wider community.

Their purpose is to promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education, influencing developments in physical education at national and local levels.

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Material Specifications

Laminated Timber

Glulam redwood timber poles provide exceptional strength, have a greater resistance to splitting, and offer a high quality smooth finish.

Sawn Timber

Sawn redwood timber from FSC sustainable sources, all pressure treated to class 4 after all manufacturing processes have been completed.

Quality Steel Fixings

All nuts, bolts, screws and brackets are zinc plated or stainless steel to prevent against corrosion and to ensure longevity and safety.

Steel Cored Ropes

Colourful steel cored polypropylene ropes are used to ensure safety, durability, and vandal resistance.

Anti-slip Panels

Anti-slip panels are available with a grey or red rubberised all-weather anti-slip coating with a button profile bonded to a black HDPE plastic sheet.

HDPE Panels

High Density Polyethylene panel are highly durable and vandal resistant. The multicolored panels allow for intricate designs to be routed for additional play value.


Large size professional handholds made from resin bound sand with stainless steel threaded inserts and anti-spin secondary fixing point.

Timber Paint

A high quality, satin finish, oil-based wood stain that is child-friendly and won’t stain clothes or peel away from the timber.

Painted Steelwork

Steelwork is either aluminium or galvanised mild steel and is treated and primed prior to receiving a vibrant painted finish.

Product Labels

Aluminium labels are affixed to all our equipment at quality control stage prior to dispatch. Each label contains our details, the product ID, and year of manufacture.

FSC Sourced Timber

We only use timber that has been responsibly sourced from managed forests with the FSC accreditation.

Timber Treatment

We pressure treat all our timber with Tanalith E wood preservative after all of our manufacturing processes are complete to class 4 which prevents against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.