Handgrips – Large (x20)

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Product Details

These durable, explosion proof handgrips are designed to turn an existing wall into a traversing wall. They offer an excellent opportunity for children to challenge and improve their body strength and traversing skills, while encouraging an increase in physical activity.

This cost effective solution to outdoor play is perfect for making the most of an unused wall and have proved to be a very popular product amongst the children. They are a fantastic exhaust for energy and provide a challenge suitable for all age ranges. The handgrips are set at a height which requires no safety surfacing, further cutting costs and installation time.

Additional information

Teaching Area

Early Years, Primary, Special Needs

Age Range

EYFS (0-4 years), KS1 (4-7 years), KS2 (7-11 years)

Areas of Learning

Physical Development

Curriculum Subjects


Product Category

Active, Climbing, Social Interaction

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