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It is a moral obligation to ensure your playground is safe and organisations such as RoSPA, BSI, NPFA and CAPT strongly recommend safety surfacing as a priority in any playground development. Certain standards are in place to ensure this and one of our most frequently asked questions is ‘what safety surface do I require?’ The answer to this question varies greatly and depends on a number of variables such as how high the play equipment is, what aesthetics you require and what budget you have in place. There are many types of safety surface, all with different properties, so at first glance it can be a confusing subject for our customers. We aim to reduce that confusion and make recommendations suited towards your needs.

When are safety surfaces required?

Sometimes safety surfaces are not required. Should the playground equipment be under 0.6m high, it is at a safe fall height and requires no particular surface. Some people prefer to include safety surfacing anyway, just to be extra cautious.

Any play equipment over the height of 0.6 metres is required to have a safe surrounding. This can include loose surfaces such as: bark, sand and rubber mulch or fixed surfaces such as grass matting, artificial grass or wetpour. While natural surfaces are lower in cost, they are much less durable and harder to maintain.

How much safety surfacing is required?

The quantity of safety surfacing also varies according to the play equipment in place and the height at which is it set. ESP use appropriate calculations to determine both the depth and the area of the surfacing required. We make recommendations based on standards set by RoSPA; our RoSPA trained design team know these standards inside out. We work hard to minimise costs wherever possible, without sacrificing on safety.

Safety surfaces from ESP

ESP provide a wide range of surfacing ideal for meeting safety standards and enhancing the welfare of the children. These include:

  • Wetpour – A rubber crumb bound together by resin to produce a fixed safety surface. 
  • Artificial Grass – More durable than natural grass and a generally softer landing surface. Some artificial grass is also good for sports.
  • Rubber Mulch – A loose fill surface made from rubber mulch, a much cleaner and durable alternative to wood chipping.
  • Grass Matting – A cost effective surface designed to add more grip and cushion to existing grass.


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