Besides providing schools with outdoor multi-use sports surfaces and pitch markings, we also sell a wide range of accessories which can be used to fully equip them.

These include single and double sided ball walls, ball catchers, wall and pole mounted basketball nets and netball nets. For schools which have a shortage of outdoor space, we also have a multi-sport goal unit which provides a three in one solution for futsal, netball and basketball – the ideal accessory for our multi-court markings.

Our goals and nets enable schools to provide pupils with all the court and pitch features necessary to practice skills and play matches during PE classes and, if desired, can be used by pupils during break times to encourage greater participation in physical activity.

Ball walls are great for a wide range of sports and can be used as makeshift soccer goals, cricket stumps and of course, to play wallball. They are also handy for practicing tennis. Our double sided ball walls are a convenient way to divide a larger space into two smaller sized playing areas so that children can play on either side.

Finally, our ball catcher is designed to go with our ball catcher playground markings and has been developed to help pupils develop their throwing, catching and hand-eye coordination skills.

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