Multi-Skills Zones & Markings

Our range of Multi-Skills zones playground markings offer schools a two in one solution to develop health and fitness amongst pupils as they can be used for both playtime activities and as part of the PE curriculum.

The outdoor Multi-Skills zones are designed to turn a boring school playground into an inviting and exciting environment where pupils are encouraged by the markings to participate in games and activities. The markings can be used for traditional games like hopscotch or for hopping, running, jumping and skipping games which the children invent themselves.

During PE and extra-curricular activities, the Multi-Skill zones provide teachers with the necessary resources to develop curriculum based skills and help with sports training. Our range of Multi-Skills zones enables pupils to improve footwork, speed, agility, throwing and catching, all of which are transferable skills that improve performance in many sports and PE activities. In addition, they also help with balance and spatial awareness.

Independent research has shown that the ESP outdoor Multi-Skills zones can improve primary pupils’ movement competencies whilst also helping children become more confident. By engaging with these resources, pupils exhibit improved behaviour and through regular participation can lead healthier lives.

All our markings are highly durable and made to withstand consistently heavy use.

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