When children use active learning to study maths, their learning is deeper and they progress quicker. At ESP Play, our resources have been developed so that you can teach maths outdoors and in a way that children find irresistible – through play and interaction.

Our range of outdoor maths equipment enables children to get actively involved in learning maths through a range of activities, puzzles and games. These include: Soma cubes and tangram tables for learning 2d and 3d geometry and shapes; sum spinners for generating random questions; and battle boards (battleships) for learning coordinates.

We’ve got resources for all age groups. Maths resources for KS1 include colour puzzles, tower puzzles and giant dominoes. Our KS2 maths resources have everything from a clock walls for telling the time to giant matchstick games – we’ve even got a giant, number climbing wall for the more adventurous. For pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4, you’ll find our outdoor tessellation, symmetry and coordinates boards very helpful in keeping older children enthusiastic whilst developing their independent learning skills at the same time.

With our range of resources, you’re now able to free your kids from the classroom and let loose their enquiring minds with some highly engaging outdoor maths activities.

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