At ESP Play we offer a range of resources for outdoor English activities that can be used for whole class, group and individual work.

For younger children and for those with special needs, we have a range of handwriting practice resources. We have child-sized picnic style tables with specially adapted handwriting practice tabletops and stand up handwriting practice boards. These are ideal for children who are sometimes taken out of class for one to one or small group work with a support assistant – giving them the option to do some outdoor handwriting activities.

For whole class activities, we have a scroll board that can be used by teachers and pupils to write ideas and instructions for outdoor lessons – and it even has a place for teachers to write the learning outcome.

In addition, there is the Switch Story Spinner. This useful resource can be used in both outdoor English and drama lessons to help pupils generate ideas for stories and plays as it randomly creates a variety of characters and scenarios for students to choose from.

For group work, we have a conjunctions board which enables groups of children to work together in an active and collaborative way to compose compound sentences using the most appropriate conjunctions.

Being part of our Switch range, individual boards can be swapped between lessons and used only when required.

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