Design and Technology

Our ESP Play outdoor design and technology resources are designed to give pupils the opportunity to use the outdoor environment for inspiration when working on projects.

We currently have two outdoor design and technology activity boards available, a weaving board and an isometric drawing board.

The weaving board is ideal for paired and individual textile projects and enables pupils to create their own outdoor inspired woven designs. The board is designed so that children of any age can work with a range of different materials to weave fabric patterns which can then be displayed to the rest of their class.

If you are using the playground as a space where pupils can undertake their project designing, our outdoor isometric drawing boards are excellent resources for pupils to draw their 2d and 3d designs before construction. With space for plan, side and front elevation designs as well as for 3d drawings, pupils will find these boards very useful in coming up with a workable design which can then be referred to during the making process. Ideal for small group, paired or individual projects.

As part of our Switch range, all these boards are interchangeable and can be taken down and stored when not in use.

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