School Trim Trails

Trim Trails are very popular with schools.  For years, children have been getting active on a daily basis at break and lunch periods by using trim trails.

Every trim trail can be different.  They are designed using a combination of outdoor play equipment, by placing each station in a line or a circuit.  This use of playground equipment has proven to be very popular with EYFS and primary aged children.  This is because they are great for promoting imagination as well as physical activity.  Therefore, the play value is endless as every day is different in the eyes of the children. Playtime becomes fun, active and socially interactive.

Have a look at the individual piece of trim trail equipment below and start designing your own unique version.


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School Trim Trails - Simplified – Low Challenge

School Trim Trails - Intermediate – Medium Challenge

School Trim Trails - Advanced – High Challenge

School Trim Trails - Early Years