We can check your Playground Equipment to extend its lifespan and ensure its safety.

Annual Playground Inspection Service

What do I get?
  • Full playground inspection of all playground equipment by a fully qualified RPII inspector.
  • A full written report detailing the results and findings of the playground inspection for each piece of playground equipment.
  • Where necessary, recommendations will be made for any maintenance that is required to improve the condition and ensure it complies with BS EN 1176 and reduce any risk of accidents.


 Book an annual school playground safety inspection for only £299 ex VAT

Playground Safety

School playgrounds are fun places to be, but staff, parents and children need to be sure that playground safety standards have been considered and met through regular playground inspections.
Any organisation that manages a children’s play area must take responsibility for the overall safety of the equipment in place.

All regulating bodies see the need not only to install to safe standards but also to see to it that the same standards are adhered to throughout the entire period of equipment use. Play equipment will only continue to function safely if they are properly inspected and maintained.

Whether you need a routine, operational or annual playground inspection, our safety experts and RPII registered inspectors are here to help.

Playground Inspections

If you would like help to meet your playground safety responsibilities, we can assist you with any and all aspects that you require.

We’re committed to providing an efficient service at competitive rates, reducing potential risks and giving staff, parents and pupils the peace of mind that the equipment is safe to use and can be freely enjoyed.

Our playground inspection team will ensure that your equipment is inspected, maintained and assessed to a number of different standards.

All of our outdoor inspectors are CRB checked and fully qualified to the necessary levels by the RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International).

Routine Inspection

Looking at the basic condition of the equipment, especially faults due to recent vandalism, breakages and also cleanliness of the playground.

These inspections can be carried out by the school and should be recorded on a simple sheet or book. The equipment supplier should provide a checklist.

Dependent on usage, these playground inspections should be carried out weekly as a minimum.

Operational Inspection

Looking in more detail at the condition of the equipment; providing a quality control check on the more regular inspections and identifying wear and tear on the equipment.

Such inspections should be carried out by an appropriately trained member of staff or alternatively by a suitably qualified specialist and should be recorded.

These inspections should be carried out on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

ESP can carry out these playground inspections for you, or alternatively provide in-house training courses for your own inspectors.

Annual Inspection

To be carried out by an independent specialist not connected with the school. Essentially we are looking at vandalism, wear and tear, long term structural problems, standards compliance and design, along with risk assessment etc.

This report essentially covers the overall safety of the playground. It can also be useful to include an annual oversight of the internal procedures and documentation.

 Book a School Playground Safety Inspection for only £125 ex VAT