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NHS south west Essex invested £5 per child for every child within their primary and secondary schools on an intervention from ESP focused on PE, physical activity and teacher development. This intervention was used as a preventative measure to combatting obesity within their local area.  The theory behind the investment from the NHS concluded that children were in the school playground every day and therefore it offered a tremendous opportunity to capture the imagination of young people and embed an appetite to participate in high quality daily physical activity.  This subtle approach enabled young people to participate without any inhibitions and enjoy the experience of play, multi-sports and a range of high quality physical activities.

ESP has spent years working in education; establishing strong effective links and positive evidence on how the school playground can play an important role in improving attainment; raising standards and promoting healthy high quality physical activity for every child.

Research confirms that if young people enjoy the experience of participating in PE and physical activities there is a very good chance they will enjoy a life-long participation in a healthy physical activity.

We believe that both playgrounds and staff act as catalysts for change. Appropriately trained staff within appropriate facilities can have an important positive impact on pupil perceptions of the value of activity and ultimately the amount of activity in which the children take part. Primary schools continue to report a need for support that allows them to develop their confidence and competence. They want to ensure that they continue to improve their knowledge and expertise in motivating pupils to be active and to help them to develop a range of physical skills which will prepare them for future active lives.

Teachers have routinely reported a positive impact on the range of activities undertaken by primary aged children using the ESP playground interventions.  Many now take part in different activities before, during and after school, suggesting that children have been introduced to activities previously not available. This allowed children to practice and master new skills.

Every child has a right to a physical education alongside a healthy lifestyle.  Physical education and sport is a very powerful tool and has the ability to change young people’s lives for the better. PE, sport and physical activity -if delivered properly – can support every step of a child’s development.

We work with schools throughout the UK and internationally in providing long lasting facilities and high quality teacher development programmes. The teacher training ensures that the expertise comes in-house and provides the professional development necessary to gain the knowledge and understanding on the application and effective use of the school playground.

We can work in partnership with your school to create a sustainable school improvement model and evidence where PE, high quality physical activity through the use of the playground can raise standards and make a real difference to the lives of young people.

Please call us on 01282 43 44 45 to discuss how we can work in partnership with your school.

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