ESP and the Green-Flag campaign

Playground Equipment company now providing products to assist with energy saving

ESP have recently introduced a range of energy saving products, providing schools with a framework for making sustainability a big part of their lives. With many schools aiming for a green flag award, the company have decided to assist with this.

Due to growing concerns with the overuse and expense of natural energy sources, schools are frequently encouraged to implement as many energy saving methods as possible. Both upper and lower schools are looking at ways to economise their spending and make best use of their resources. This has motivated ESP to include energy sustainable items into their product catalogue. Alongside low energy electronics (such as lightbulbs), solar panels and wind turbines are available to generate extra electricity and cut down on CO2 emissions. Self-sustainable floodlighting requires no external energy source as it creates its own solar power.

All of these new products are directly aimed at assisting schools looking to gain a green flag award. The award criteria states that one of the school’s chosen topics MUST be geared towards energy saving. ESP have taken this into account and have carefully chosen products which make significant contributions towards the schools green flag action plan.

Energy Saving Actions

  • Replace failing lamps.
  • Changing to low energy bulbs.
  • Installing solar panels or wind power turbines.
  • Installing self-sustainable floodlighting.

How can your school benefit from energy saving products?

  • Reduced costs resulting in more funds for school spending.
  • Curriculum learning.
  • Improved comfort conditions.
  • Pupil action and awareness.
  • Pupils taking power saving concepts home with them.
  • A good school image.

ESP now provide products suited for all of the above. For a free site survey and quote, please contact us on 01282 434445 or via the contact page.

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