Multi-Skills playground markings – a huge success

We’ve had a very successful summer on sales of our Multi-Skills playground markings.

Multi-Skills zones offer unique physical activities which implement fundamental movement skills amongst children. Fundamental movement skills include spinning, running, walking, side-stepping, balancing and more. As well as being perfect warm-ups for all sports, these skills are also useful in gaining confidence, physical activity and co-operation. Each product can be used in a number of different ways making them, unlike most single activity traditional markings.

Multi-Skills playground marking – unique to ESP

These markings are unique to the company and were designed based on extensive research and testing. For this reason, our packages include CPD (Continued Professional Development) training. The CPD training program offers an introduction to the markings and how they can all be used in a large number of ways. Curriculum based learning is also one of the main attractions to our multi-skills playground markings and our training programs include methods based upon this.

During research, we carried out a number of interviews to gain evidence of the impact of our multi-skills products. The results suggest the following:

  • Teachers’ knowledge and understanding of fundamental movement skills (FMS) and multi-skills have been further enhanced as a result of the ESP training programs, Opportunities to focus on these specific elements during PE lessons have also significantly improved.
  • The training and resources were very well received, particularly by the nonspecialist primary school teachers who felt more confident in the delivery of FMS in their lessons.
  • As a result of the markings and lessons, the pupils also had a better understanding of what FMS and multi-skills were and why they were important to physical activity, play, and sport participation.
More information on the research carried out by ESP can be found here.

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