Multi-Skills Playground Markings at Little Ealing School

Little Ealing Primary School, Weymouth Avenue, London, W5 4EA

ESP have recently worked with Little Ealing Primary to add multi-skills activity to the playground area. We implemented our multi-skills markings to allow children to practice skills applicable to a wide range of sporting activity.

The school were keen to see an increase in physical activity and these markings were an excellent choice for this purpose. With a wide choice of games and a multitude of uses, the children can set goals to their own ability while pushing themselves to improve. Teachers also see benefits across the curriculum too, as these playground markings can be used to take lessons outdoors. A variety of numeracy and literacy games are all possible and are great fun for the children. Physical activity is a great way to engross the children in learning. More and more schools throughout the country are deciding to to take this rewarding route and are pleased with the results.

Alongside the Famous 5 Multi-Skills markings, the school also chose to include a netball court.

Included Multi-skills Playground Markings
  • Fast Feet
  • Nine Square Grid
  • Target Trainer
  • Ring Step
  • Multi-Step Column

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