More Playground Equipment for Peel Park

Peek Park school in Accrington have decided to work with ESP again to develop a range of areas in their playground. ESP are specialist providers for school playground equipment and work with nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools throughout the UK. Judith Williams, Head Teacher, has worked with ESP before on three other projects at her school along with a range of community initiatives within the local area.

The project has seen a large investment made in areas to develop areas for physical activity, climbing, outdoor classrooms, traversing and sport. The products in this area included products such as:

  • Trim Trail.
  • TAZ playground equipment.
  • Outdoor Classrooms.
  • Safety Surfacing.
  • Traversing Walls and much, much more.

The project is due to be complete in March and will see a remarkable transformation of some redundant spaces. The children will now get the most of the time outdoors without the need for teachers to set up areas to play and explore. The permanent structures have been designed in such a way that still allows the children to freely explore all areas of the playground and be very creative in how they use the playground equipment. Judith Williams was delighted with the design and the thought process that went into the position and management of the playground equipment. She can’t wait for it to be complete.

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